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In the Entertainment industry, fitness plays a huge role in how successful your career can be. This  premium program offers an unique approach to help you reach your goals through one-on-one customized online fitness, weight loss coaching, and nutritional meal plan information.   We genuinely care for every individual's needs. Here at Alanna, we want to train and analyze a specialized meal plan personally tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Work directly online with Alanna and her team to lose weight, build lean muscle, and improve the quality of your life.

Dedicated to helping people to see the beauty within themselves, Alanna has dominated the health and wellness environment with her social media presence.  Through her platforms, she has built an international community of followers 20 thousand+ strong. She provides information on personal training ,nutritional meal plans,  and weight loss advice. This can be all accessed in her personal website Alannafitness.com

Over the past decade, Alanna has become a monumental fitness empire dedicated to total-life solutions comprising all aspects of successful lifestyle and living well, including nutrition,perseverance, and self-help. These 3 aspects are the key to living a beneficial lifestyle.

Alanna’s overwhelming success and unique connection with her fans was born from her own personal journey toward perseverance and  happiness. Alanna’s grandfather, Ernest Brown, is a renown Hapkido instructor and brought this self-defense martial arts into the United States. In order to achieve high level of success during his era, Grandmaster Brown instilled pure perseverance into his core beliefs and lifestyle, in spite of all obstacles.  Having been influenced by the principals taught by her grandfather as a child, Alanna’s passion for fitness stems from its positive influential powers. She trained for 8 years in the martial arts practice of Hapkido and Taekwondo, in which she holds a black belt, and four 1st Place titles in AAU Nationals Taekwondo Sparring Tournament.  

Broadening her pledge to help as many individuals as possible, Alanna’s current projects include the re-launch of Alanna-mobile app, a re-engineered app allowing users to train with Alanna in dynamic workouts, as well as a “personal consultations” for members to stream live advice sessions with Alanna LLC representatives; the Alanna app to provides over 100 personalized workouts, as well as access to her recent health book,The Alanna Lifestyle, which is available May 19th,2019.


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Alanna LLC office is located in midtown Manhattan on 1178 Broadway. Book an appointment and receive an elaborate one-on-one consultation.

Alanna Fitness mission statement is to help individuals find the lifestyle that is both beneficial and  a positive influence to others. Assisting clients in creating a healthy meal plan as well as weight loss.

Disclaimer–  Alanna fitness coaching, nutritional advice, workout programs, and blog posts are meant to educate, inspire, motivate and lead you towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. As a fitness professional Alanna recommends that you consult your doctor before taking on any significant changes pertaining to health, nutrition and exercise. The recommendations, opinions and advice she writes about are based upon her own experiences and what has worked well for her,her family and clients. 

Alanna Fitness

Alanna LLC is here to help you achieve your health goals. Start your journey with Alanna and see your success.

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Vegan lifestyle


Becoming Vegan is a big step and even a huge transition when it comes to removing a heavy meat diet meal plan from your lifestyle. With the right balance and assistance, you can develop a great fitness plan to benefit your new lifestyle

Korean Cuisine low carb lifestyle


Having a big meat appetite but still want weight loss? Alanna and her fitness team  may have developed the perfect lifestyle meal plan for you.

Pizza Lover 2.0


Do you love Pizza, Burgers, or Pasta dishes b? So does Alanna! over the years, Alanna with the help of renown dietitians and trainers, cultivated great meal plan recipes and fitness recommendations when these certain cravings come in.

Water Cleanse


Drinking Water is very important in making lifestyle changes. In America, coffee, alcohol and soda are the 3 main liquid consumption and water isn't apart of people's meal plan lifestyle. Drinking water is the 1st step to go. A Water cleanse will help assist you in detoxing the bad food choices out of your system. A natural weight loss recommendation is to have water as apart of your daily intake

Have a Game Plan


it's more than just a verbal "I'm going to lose weight" pep talk. You need the right support system. Here at Alanna LLC we are here to support and provide a game plan that will lead you to not only achieving but maintaining the lifestyle.

Food choices that work best with your lifestyle


Alanna is promoting a fitness lifestyle, not a quick weight loss diet. Here at Alanna LLC we promote lifestyle positive change and want success for every individual that walks into our office. 

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