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ALANNA-Cosmetic Line

ALANNA- is a cosmetic line launched in 2016 by businesswoman and model, Alanna.  In a span of 2 years, the brand has built a positive reputation of luxury  eyelash extensions, eye palettes, lipkits and hair extensions.

ALANNA's mission statement is for every woman to see their true inner beauty.

Alanna provides as a selection of products to help enhance your inner beauty.

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Alanna Cosmetics


Alanna Cosmetics

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Alanna Cosmetics



The Blasian Effect Collection

One of the newest additions to Alanna relaunching her Cosmetic line is her new eyeshadow palette, The Blasian Effect.  This palette was influenced by her own culture as her mother is Korean and father is African American. One of the unique features Blasians are known for are their eyes. With this eyeshadow palette and eyelash extension selection, Alanna is able to show any individual on how to get the "Blasian" look without the eyeliner. The Palette focuses on Warm golden tones, brightening matte & micro-shimmer shades,  to bring out the exotic look. 


Signature Blasian Look

One of the key exotic looks that Alanna loves to wear to enhance her Blasian features are gold shimmering eye-shadow paired with a rosy velvet lip color. From a light pigmented pink to a true bright red, these pink tone lip colors compliment the eyes very well. 


MEET ALANNA at her exclusive pop up event

Alanna will have a pop up shop May 29,2019 at our midtown location. Save the date and RSVP! When you arrive, you will get to meet Alanna and the rest of the team while getting the perk of being apart of an exclusive experience!