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Promote your presence as a Commercial Model. Be surrounded by beauty and enjoy the spotlight

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Create a Visionary Make Up Book


Have people love raving about your makeup skills in person or on social media?  Have Alanna's team assist you in  transforming your skills into your own business! It  all starts with a great Makeup book that illustrates your exemplary skill set.

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Wanting to become a successful Musician and get your music reached by the public? Here at Alanna LLC, we have multiple recording studios along with executive professionals who have been working the music industry for over 30+ years!

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3 day exclusive NYC Acting Camp


Have you ever wanted to be apart of a film but didnt know where to start? Don't keep it to yourself, we are here to listen! We want your dreams to come true and live your life knowing you did everything you could to pursue your goals. We want to support you

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Alanna LLC is always looking for new additions to the team.  Whether you want to be apart of the Glam SQUAD, Acting camp production, or music composer. We love to network!

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