Alanna- Founder of Alanna LLC

 Alanna is an entrepreneur, model, actress, and fashion designer. Alanna created this company for a divine purpose; To assist people in New York City and eventually, worldwide, into becoming successful talent entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. Recently, Alanna just debuted a self-titled clothing line.  Along with her cosmetic line, film production company and extensive list of co-partnership collaborations, Alanna hopes that bringing all her businesses together will benefit talented individuals in the entertainment business.  

Starting her modeling career at a young age of 16, she had experience the hardships of success in the entertainment industry.  With her dedication and years of preparation, Alanna has become a public figure,known throughout social media. With her clout and personal connections, she was able to successfully create this company, Alanna LLC. Alanna has been able to help 100s of talented individuals with her networking throughout her years in New York City.

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Alanna is available for bookings to host events, perform on  film  productions, modeling campaigns and  networking.

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Alanna- Mission statement

What we want to do for you!

Our Founder Alanna wanted to create a company that help assist and support potential talent through their journey in the Entertainment industry. Alanna created a skin care and cosmetic line to help upkeep our clients looks as having clear skin plays a big role during auditions. 

 Our production team consists of elite professionals in the entertainment industry.  Our elite modeling  agents have worked as agents in premium agencies worldwide and know what casting agents are looking for when it comes to booking commercial campaigns. Moreover, our agents will assist each individual's personal needs. 

When it comes to talent, we have a massive team to help assist individuals who desire to become actors in today's society. Our team is filled with professionals who have written, directed, and produced multiple indie films, music videos, and pilot TV series.  If you live out of state, don't let distance be the issue why you missed out on opportunities to become an actor! We are here to help you with not only your first step but with your continuation growth in the entertainment industry.  


Alanna Exclusive

ALANNA Cosmetics and Skin Care


As an entertainer, you must have clear skin and continue to have the right regimen to upkeep your look. Here at ALANNA, we will give you skin care packages to assist you in maintaining a clear face as well as supply cosmetics that will enhance your beauty.

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ALANNA Apparel


"Fake it to you make it." You must look the part if you want to be successful in the Entertainment industry.  Our founder, Alanna, picks out the best quality apparel for her clients.  Here at ALANNA, we want you to succeed and look your best in your headshots, demo reel, auditions and even personal outings

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ALANNA Lifestyle and fitness program


We provide assistance for our clients when it comes to a lifestyle or fitness training. Maybe you need to bulk up and train as a MMA fighter for a specific role, or need to be leaner to play a role as a Ballerina. We will supply a healthy and realistic training program to help assist you in making your goals.

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ALANNA Hair Products and Services


Alanna provides various accommodations in the hair services departments for our clients.


ALANNA Workshops


Here at ALANNA, we provide workshops for our clients to advance their knowledge in the desired entertainment profession.

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If you have a dream to be apart of the entertainment business, come to us!  We are here to help!

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